Batterman's Department Store

This was located on Flushing Ave and Broadway in East Williamsburg.


Anonymous said...

What a nice site.


Unknown said...

Thank you City Girl.

Anonymous said...

Great photo, but which corner of the intersection is this on? When did store close, and were the "el" train tracks not yet constructed?

Anonymous said...

Re-read the listing & just noticed the "el" tracks.

Anonymous said...

Great photo! Do we have the actual address of the store? Is the view that we're looking from Graham Ave?

clang12345@optonline.net said...

Batterman was my great grandfather.
THank you for posting this.

Unknown said...

BATTERMAN'S Dry Goods Store. Henry BATTERMAN was orginally at
the junction of Broadway & Manhattan. When he moved his store to the junction of Broadway,
Graham & Flushing, his brother William opened a carpet store in the older building.

The Bushwick and East Bushwick Dispensary was incorporated in 1878. In 1880 it was located on
Myrtle near Throop Avenue.
A new building known as Laura F. BATTERMAN Memorial, at Lewis Avenue, across the road
from the site of the David MILLS house.

The Batterman history is very interesting.
Henry Batterman was a forerunner of the area.