Williamsburg,Brooklyn ~ The Forties

Aunt Lillian

I've never really wrote a blog and at this point in my life I'd rather

read somebody else's stories or comment's. I've lived a pretty full

life and I'm still going strong these days.I administrate a Brooklyn

Message board that post's stories,news,jokes pictures,video's,etc.

I've made many friends on the Brooklyn Friends site.Which is the

name of the site I administer.

I originally come from Williamsburg Brooklyn around Broadway

and Lorimer St. As a kid in the forties I played in many lot's that

were vacant and filled with all kinds of things people got rid of because

they were junk.As they say one man's junk was this kid's treasure.

My favorite part of the forties was going to movie's.We had all kinds

of movie house's back then and the cheaper one's were called “The Itch”.

When you walked around in them your shoe's would stick to the floor.

But for the cost of ten to twelve cent's,who cared. I went to the Sun,

Roger's Commodore,Marcy,Playhouse,Lindy,Rainbow,Republic,Alba

and Roger's Theaters just to name a few in that area.

There was a Chinese restaurant on Broadway between Marcy and Hewes

St back then. The head waiter's name was Joe,like mine.I still remember

him getting my special seat for the chair so I could reach the table.

He was a good guy and you just remember good guys's.

People flew pigeon's from their rooftop's back then.They had pigeon

coops on the roof. Trolley car's rolled along tracks set in cobblestone street's.

Many people played Bingo Games at the local churches back then.

The shopping was done around Seigal St and Graham Ave at the Market.

We had many candy stores back then where you could buy a frappe,which

was a metal dish with a scoop of ice cream and some chocolate syrup on it.

In those days people had various hobbies such as saving matchbook cover's,

some liked to color in coloring books with crayon's,Some read and saved or

traded comic book's.

I'll continue again,I had to start something though.....

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melissaKoch said...

i looove this. im from williamsburg as well..however im born in 1982! hehehe...but i sooo enjoyed this. please post more pics and write more ! i like it sooo much im over here dyyin for more! the commodor i think is still there! right?