Williamsburg Part 6

I never forgot my boyhood home in Williamsburg.The memories
are still fresh in my mind.I loved going to Rubin's on
Harrison Ave where I would buy movie star picture cards from
a machine for a penny.I remember going to Lizzie's Grocery a
few door's down.I remember Waldo Brown a young African American
child who often got into fistcuff's with me.Neither of us were
winner's during those boyhood squirmish's.I remember the twin's
who lived on Broadway.I remember Murray the strange and deluded man who came around now and then.He always wore a suit but seemed
to be mixed up with his thinking.
I remember Uncle Blaise and Aunt Lilly and how he used to be
playful with her and give her a bear hug and say,"Say,Sugar and Spice and everything nice".
I remember my cousin Catherine who would give me the shirt off her
back.Comic Books,Toy's,the latest toy she was given by Uncle
Blaise.So many things to numerous to mention but always giving.
Catherine never took.She was a giver and I loved her til this
day.She was the best cousin a person could ever want in their life. And she was very beautiful.
The forties were good years in my life and I only wish I
could have them back again.Some things were painful but for the
most part they were beautiful years.

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