Willamsburg Part 5

Recently some friends emailed me a link to a program such as Google Maps
and I really didn't want to look at the old neigborhood again.I had a good
motive.I knew it wasn't there any longer. Mygrandparent's owned the house's
on Lynch St. between Broadway and Union Avenue. Writing this made me curious
as to how much did it really change? Unfortunately I looked and saw that the old
block was no longer as it once had been.In it's place was an Auto Collision Co.
encompassing the block including the other street which is Middleton St.
Gone are the physical memories of my childhood.Even the addresses changed.
I find it disparaging and depressing. Memories that encompassed people's
lives and those of their children are all gone. It doesn't look like the same place
anymore. The whole area has been replaced with different dwellings,school's
and apartment house's. The old Bath house and horse trough on Broadway and
Lorimer St is gone too. In less than 70 years they've managed to change the
face of the landscape that once was my Williamsburg neighborhood.
Movie theater's gone,factories gone, Even street's such as Mckibbon St that
ran into Broadway across from Middleton St is gone.
My mind doesn't see an improvement.What I see is a concrete neighborhood.
It appears as cold as the buildings themelve's. There is absolutely no aesthetic
value to the are whatsoever.I find it sad,very sad.
I outlived the house I was born in many years ago.

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