Williamsburg Part 4

Some of my cousin's were all gathered around one day and after
having read many Superman and Superhero comic book's I felt
I was a Superman.I found a dirty razor in the street and said,
“watch this”.I proceeded to bend down and cut through my new
suit pant's at the knee.It went deep and about an inch and a half
wide.It was summertime and the blood came gushing out and I
realized I wasn't Superman after all.I remember the wound very
well because I suffered with it bleeding many times..It wouldn't
heal very fast because it was my knee and walking didn't do it
much justice. I walked a great deal as a kid not even to mention
all outdoor games I played.
Eventually it healed even though I didn't get stitches.I still have
the scar and my knee doesn't bother me at all.
Another injury I inflicted on myself was from climbing a
backyard fence.It was a very old fence and when I tried to scale it
to get to the other side a bent rusty nail entered the middle finger
of my left hand. It went in and came out like a hook.I was literally
hooked and gave out a loud scream. My Uncle Blaise heard me
and saw that I was in trouble on the fence.He came down the
fire escape into the backyard and darted toward me.Thanks to him
I became unhooked and he drove me to St. Catherine's Hospital.
They didn't give me any stitches and I still have a light
representation of the scar.This healed pretty quickly.
These two incident's are mild in comparison to some of the
accident's and mischief I witnessed with other boy's my age.
Both of them are memorable because Of the scars they left me with.
Along with those scars come the memories of other childhood
event's in my life.The pizza parties in the backyard my grandfather
would have. The music playing during the family gatherings.
One of my Uncle's played guitar and my cousin Joey played the
accordian. An Uncle would do acting scene's and he was very good
at it because when he did it everyone would cry during the sad scene's.
He was very dramatic and should have been a hollywood actor.
Many Aunt's and Uncle's cousin's in my Mom's family were very
talented and I always enjoyed talent and music foremost in my life.

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My Uncle Blaise

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