Williamsburg - The move

When I lived on Lynch St I always waited for my
Dad's letter's because he was in the Navy.My Mom
would read them to me.
I remember the day he came home for good.
He greeted everyone that came to see him in my
cold water flat with the mice and roaches hiding
during the day.
I knew he wasn't going to stay in Williamsburg
and that he'd move us closer to his parent's in
Bushwick Brooklyn.The person who I'd miss the most
was my cousin Catherine because she had been good
to me and very generous.
We did move not long after and I wasn't to see any
of my Williamsburg friends or many of my cousin's
We visited my aunt and Uncle Lillian and Blaise
often and I enjoyed riding on the trolley car.
After our visit Catherine always had something
for me.Comic's or toy's or book's.She was so good.
The thing I remember about my Uncle Blaise was
that he had pile's whatever they were and also
he had a hernia whatever that was.At the time I
was young and these things were only word's to
me.Thething I remember well about my Aunt Lilly
was that she had no children.Catherine and her
sister were being raised by them because their Mom
had passed away and their father was detained.
What I remember real well about Lynch St was
the many dog's and cat's I bought into the flat,
and the many I had to take back to the lot's where
I found them.
Lynch Street was the place where I the son of
my father wasn't liked very much if at all because
my father wasn't liked at all by my Mom's family.
My cousin's liked me but most of the elder's
couldn't care one way or the other.
Only Uncle Blaise and Aunt Lilly really liked me.
Now we were heading to Bushwick Brooklyn.

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