Leaving Williamsburg

Before I move on to Bushwick I'd like to add that my sister
Mary was born when I was five.My Mom had her in St. Catherine's
Hospital.I still remember the day she bought her home.
It was a happy day and my Dad was still in the Navy at
the time.The year was 1942.Those were the years of the air raid's,
because of the War.
I remember my Mom leaving her with the lady upstair's.Her
name was Ruth and when my Mom came home she had changed my
sister and found black and blue marks on her butt.She accused
Ruth of hitting my sister and this led into an all out brawl.
Ruth a big woman compared to my Mom was being dragged down the
stair's by my Mom and my Mom kept hitting her.
I could never figure out why Ruth did such a thing.Ruth used to
have sugar when no sugar was available.Sometime's she would share
some of the sugar with my Mom.I hated saccherine tablet's which'
was used to replace the sugar back then.Sugar wasn't available.
AlsoRuth had a piano and her husband used to get drunk.
His name was George. I never did see George standing up.
He was always sleeping it off on the coach.Ruth had a piano,
but I wasn't allowed to touch it.Itried playing on a few key's
once but she yelled at me and told me to never touch the piano.

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