I moved to Dekalb Ave between Wilson Ave and Myrtle/Central Ave.
I was enrolled in PS 123 on Irving Ave.We visited my grand
parent's on a regular basis back then.The person I loved the
most other than my Mom was my Grandpa.He was a very happy and
interesting man.There wasn't anythinghe wouldn't have gotten me.
I never really asked him for anything though.He always offered me
candy,malt's and would carry me all around the whole neighborhood.
Sadly I lost him of cancer when I was ten.I never forgot the
scourge of a disease that made him ill.He was too nice for that
to happen to him.I've always felt the good go before their time.
I passed the time of day playing with my new found friends.
It took them time to get to know me.For some crazy I would fight
fistcuffs with the one boy who was to remain my lifelong friend.
I was a street kid and I don't know what that really mean's now,
but I feel it was doing things that weren't normal to other's.
I was a little wild kid and eventually through the years I
calmed down.As I grew up I always averted a fight if possible.
Fighting never made sense unless you did it professionally.
I was never a hateful person and if I ever got into an
argument I forgot about it quickly.On the other hand I don't like
to bother someone that doesn't want to be bothered.This include's
member's of my own family.I'm getting ahead of myself now so I'll
quit and continue my growing up in Bushwick later.

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