Growing Up ~ Williamsburg/Bushwick

They say that children can be cruel.I have found that in my
past but adult's can also be cruel. I was born with a deformity
and was made fun at until the age of 17 when I removed the one
thing that had caused me pain.Since the age of 17 no one has ever
remarked about my past deformity because it was no longer there.
I had some surgery to cure the problem that other's had with
my look's.I went to bed many night's praying that I'd wake up the
next day without it but it was always there in plain site.
I often thought while growing up that I would work as a person
in a side show but this never came to pass.I liked myself the way
I was but the world seemed to be disturbed by my deformity.
The day the deformity was removed I cried from happiness.
No longer would there be name calling.It would end and the ugly
duckling would now be a swan.It didn't happen over night - but it
did happen.
Now that I am old I find that the most important thing is the
beauty not outside but inwardly that we as human beings have.
People are basically good and I've found out that what makes
some bitter is the life they've led and the abuse they suffered.
Animal's are no different.
The neighborhood's I grew up in and the folk's that lived in them were a great part of shaping my personality.I had some really
wonderful people in my early youth.They were of all nationalities
and religion's.They influenced the person I would become.
Some of the people had broken lives and weren't able to cope.
This too was a part of my life as much as their's.


NOTE* Thank you for the many reponse's on here.
The only picture I have available of the Commodore on
Broadway is this.It is no longer a movie theater.

Commodore Theater, Brooklyn, NYC

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