Some of the things we did back when.

The Jolson Story was released in 1946 and I saw it in 1947.
I was about ten or eleven back then.Afterward all the boys were
singing like Jolson when we were on the block.But there was only
one Jolson and we listened to him on the radio Thursday evenings.
I remember the film showed in April and it was raining.
Toward the end of the year the day after Christmas the Blizzard
of 1947 occured.It was a bad one but for a kid it was a joy.
We built igloo's in the street next to the sidewalk.There weren't
that many car's in those days.When the weather began to get warmer
the igloo's were melting and the top was removed.
The front became a barrier fort for the many snowball fight's
we had.The terrible part was that some boy's would make ice ball's
rather than soft snowball's. Ice ball's hurt and will
break skin when hitting you.Eventually the snow melted and then
the boys would play marble's and skelly's. The girls would play
potsie and boxball and a game called giant step's.
We were never bored with anything and we didn't know what a
computer was nor an x box. There was a game machine in some
stores but they were quiz games and nothing more or less.
Our hand type computer was a game made in Japan and it was a few
bb's that you had to get into some holes on the board beneath a
round glass window.It wasn't electronic.
Many of us read comic book's.Read, not saved them as
collectible's. Boys and girls alike enjoyed comic book's of all
types.Super Hero's,Teen,Love,Cowboy,Biography,classic stories,
cartoon animal's,war,supernatural and mystery you name it
and there was a comic for it. We traded the comics with
each other.
We never ran out of the comic book's.
Another game we would play is flipping card's.
Baseball card's.
We never ran out of baseball card's either.
Many of them were saved because we were fan's
of the player's.

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