Filling Cream Puff's

Filling Cream Puff's As a teenager working at the Pastry Shoppe I was often placed at the cream puff machine.I had to fill dozen's of cream puff's with custard cream and get the cream puff tray's ready to deliver to Paul's Marion Manor or Victory Hall which were both wedding hall's. This usually happened on Saturday which was my day to go to the Hillside Roller Rink with my friends. My friends were Mikey & Charlie La Capria,Richie Frick, Bob Migliorino.We were the neighborhood Barbershop Quartet.Not all of us went to the Roller Rink and not all of us sang.But all of us always had a thing we said, and this would drive me up the wall."What are we going to do tonight?"These were the choice's,play hamball at Grover Cleveland Park,go to a movie,take a walk up Myrtle Ave and do window shopping or just hang out on the factory platform. I liked to go to the roller rink because I enjoyed the music and we would roller skate with the pretty girls in time to the music. So you can imagine how fast I was filling those cream puff's. The center of my world was the Pastry Shop and from there did I go on. I was waiting for the store to open one morning and I saw them take a person off the corner bus in a body bag. The people around there told me a man had gotten on the bus and passed away while on there. What? The bus route began about four block's away. Was this life? You get on a bus and then within four block's you die? This began to bother me quite a bit. Not long after one evening the local druggist was outside in a chair and the folks told me he had a heart attack.We were all waiting for the ambulance.It was too late the druggist passed away sitting in a chair, outside the drug store.(Remember- air conditioning wasn't rampant like it is today.) A few days later I had a race up the block with a fellow who was a fast runner.I was very fast but when I reached the half way mark I had to stop from shortness of breath.I began hyper ventilating and passed out. An ambulance took me to the local hospital; Wyckoff Height's. They determined I was suffering from malnutrition.Yep,I was a very picky eater and practically lived on potato chip's and apple sauce. Once I got out of the hospital I began to suffer with panic attack's. I used to think I was dying and suffering a heart attack.It took a long while to get rid of the ridiculous panic attack's but I did get rid of them like you get rid of a bad nightmare. Well another time and we'll continue on.It's been quite awhile since I stopped this blog. I am no longer the administrator of the Brooklyn Friends web site because the company that had it online got rid of it.I guess Facebook became too much competition.

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