Time Changes Everything

     Getting back to panic attacks.When these occur it
makes your mouth very dry;so dry you begin to choke and
feel like your dying.This caused me to begin carrying
around a bottle of water at all times so my throat
wouldn't get dry when and if it occurred.
 A friend of mine pointed out to me that nowadays everybody carries around water in a bottle.
 We smiled at that one.
Oh! Another thing back in the forties was my school books. I had quite a number of them and one day my Dad
who had a military knapsack from WWII told me I should
use it for my school books.Actually I would have settled for an inexpensive school bag.I always carried the
knapsack filled with my books on my back.
 Today I smile because all the school kids use knapsack's. No longer do you see school bags.
 Time changes many things.
When I was young boy a pizza was a pizza.I don't recognize pizza today because they are so different from years back.They certainly aren't so delicious as the old days.I don't know maybe it's my taste buds that have changed after smoking for so many years. Yes most of
us inhaled cigarettes and we bought what were called
loosie's.About three for a nickel from Frank's candy store.It took me many years to get rid of those crutches. I never did get the withdrawal symptom's they talk about.I just went cold turkey and stopped and I
have never turned back again.
 Time changes many things.
Well I'll try to collect my thoughts about the old days
and write about them when I get the chance.
Have a great day.

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