Oh What Fun It Is

When I was about 13 years old a couple of my friends
came to my door and asked me if they could borrow my guitar.I had a white Harmony western guitar.The type
with the f-holes on the top.My parent's had bought it for me as a Christmas present.
 I used to strum and sing the song Mule Train on it;
but I didn't know any chords.
 Anthony a friend of mine was teaching the fellows chords outside by the factory stoop/loading dock.
  I told them I was practicing with it and lied.I then
went outside and watched as Anthony played four chords for them.The chords stuck in my head like glue.
 I then went in the house and tuned the guitar with a tuning mouth piece.
  I began to practice the chords I had seen him play.
 It wasn't easy and I kept playing and practicing until
I had it right.My fingers started to bleed.
  I then noticed as I got better at playing that the
chords matched a song I knew called, Happy Day.
 They also matched many rock n roll songs.
  I discovered that not only did I have a musical ear
for playing a harmonica but I could pick out a song on
the guitar without playing the chords.
  By this time the young fellow I had refused to lend
my guitar had aquired one.This was my buddy Richie.
 Richie and I would play all kinds of songs on the factory.We would  pick and strum all day long.
 Sometimes we caused arguments because the ladies who
looked out the windows wanted to hear the music and the
men who wanted to go to work the next day would yell
at us that they were trying to sleep.
 The ladies would then yell at them and tell them that
they wanted us to keep playing.
  The Factory steps.That was some place.It was like our
stage in life.There was nothing like it and I Thank God
we at least had that in our lives.It was our way of
being happy.After awhile we would play lots of Elvis
Presley songs and try to imitate him.
  My buddy Richie had a voice and a half.If ever there
was a match for Elvis or Frank Sinatra it was Richie's
voice.Like an angel and he never realized how really good it was.He could have been big if he had self confidence.
 Richie's life was no bed of rose's. and we all knew it.
I am so happy to state that Richie has a beautiful wife and family.If you saw Richie you would think he was
Clint Eastwood when he was younger or even a David Bowie
type.He definitely had talent.I think all of us had it,
in our own way.We were versatile and we were honest.
Well more another time.Thanks for reading.

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